We’ve got this in the bag!

Since recently purchasing our new Shrink Bag making machine we have helped our customers out with better meeting their productions schedules while offering the same high quality Shrink Bags that we’ve done in the past.  Our PVC & PET-G Shrink Bags are designed to provide tamper-evident protection to all your irregular shaped bottles and containers; especially those with pumps and dispensers.  Another perfect application for Shrink Bags are gift baskets and multi-packs.  When accurately determining your specific needs including shape (Dome, Square or Rectangle) and correct shrink ratio, we’ve eliminated many common complaints such as having a “Dog Ear” effect and the rough edges after shrinking.  Let us help you determine the perfect size and shape Shrink Bag for your application!

4"-40" Width/ Up to 52" Long; Custom Dome and Rectangle Bags

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