Check out a video clip from PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2013

Chris, our National Sales Director discusses a few of the many products and services Source One Packaging can offer you.  Watch this clip that Packaging World Magazine shot for us at the show in Las Vegas last September!  We hope you stopped by our our booth!


If you missed us..we’ll see you in Chicago at PACK EXPO International, November 2 – 5, 2014!



Click Here to Watch Chris at PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2013




Stand Up & Stand Out with our Stand Up Pouches

Within recent years Stand Up Pouches  have changed the face of consumer packaging for a wide range of consumer markets for products such as frozen food, snacks and dried food, pet food, beverages, coffee, tea, specialty foods and spices, nutrition and supplements, pharmaceutical and medical, health and beauty, pet food and treats, household products, and more!  Stand up pouches have given our customers and new customers alike, new opportunities to display and package their products.   With an in-house polyethylene specialist, we are able to educate you in determining a pouch thats right for you.


When compared to traditional cans and bottles, stand up pouches have less packaging weight resulting in less shipping weight and handling costs.  The drastic weight reduction benefits both consumers, end users, and retail outlets.  Stand up pouches are also made using substantially fewer raw materials, produce a low volume of waste and take up less space in garbage landfills- it’s the greener packaging solution.


With strides made towards offering sustainable packaging solutions such as our PET-G and PLA shrink film, stand up pouches offer a beautiful customized all in one packaging solution.   There are many ways to customize your pouches.  The use of high performance laminates will ensure excellent barrier properties; protecting the integrity of all contents of the items packaged.  Custom printing is also available; domestic and overseas.  Features such as resealable zippers, single serve pouches, hanger holes, valves, custom sizes, shapes, and gussets allow for us to meet your specifications or match your existing ones.