In order to meet the demands of our customers better, we have invested in State-of-the-Art converting equipment to produce what you need without the hassle of waiting long lead times. We can convert our Shrink Film for all your application needs according to your spec in 7-10 business days.

Slitting & Seaming:

  • We stock PVC, PET-G, PLA, OPS Shrink Film to be slit & seamed to your spec.
  • We have the ability to seam 25-500mm Layflats.
  • Custom Roll size & Core


Custom Cutting & Perforations:

  • With the capability to cut over 1,000,000 cut bands per day we can meet your production schedules.
  • Convert all your PVC, PET-G, PLA, and OPS Rollstock into individual Cut Bands for manual applications.
  • Custom Perforations; SVP, HP, T-Perf, DVP, Pull Tabs and Tear Tape in a variety of colors and Pull Tabs.

Inspection Machine:

To ensure that our film will run without a hitch, we inspect all Rollstock whether or not it’s going to be converted into cut bands to ensure the seam is tight and secure.


Oscillating Machine:

Our oscillating machine will alternate the location of the seam when rewinding to prevent the seam from overlapping thus causing an indentation on the Rollstock.

Are you a printer without a seaming and cutting machine? We welcome all contract converting jobs. Please inquire today with details on our full production capabilities.

Bag Making Machine:

Source One Packaging is your complete source for all your customize PVC and PET-G Shrink Bags. We manufacture our Shrink Bags right here on premises with the highest quality Shrink Films for the fastest turn around times.

  • Dome Shaped and Round Shrink Bags
    • Designed to eliminate corners or “dog ears’ that commonly occurs with Square or Rectangle Shrink Bags.
  • Rectangle and Square Shaped Shrink Bags

All Shrink Bags can be customized to your specs including dome shapes and sizes.

  • Extruded (Seamless) and Seamed PVC & PET-G
  • R4"-40" Wide
  • Up to 52" Long
  • We have a variety of in-stock prints available
  • Extruded (Seamless) and Seamed PVC & PET-G
  • Custom Printing up to 8 colors
  • Shrink Tunnel & Heat Gun Compatible

For more information about Shrink Bags and their versatile applications click here

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We save 85% of the customers we quote money from their current vendors

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We save 85% of the customers we quote money from their current vendors