BOPP Shrink Film

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Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene

BOPP Shrink Film has countless uses and benefits when it comes to the Flexible Packaging Industry. It’s made from FDA approved resins and safe for food packaging. BOPP Shrink Film has superior durability, especially at low gauges, excellent clarity and printability that allows you to clearly show off the food or product being packaged. With use for high quality printing and the durability it has over other materials, BOPP is an excellent option when packaging food and industrial items.

  • Fast and smooth processing on high speed and other machines.
  • Superior strength at low gauges.
  • Used for flatness, clarity and excellent printability.
  • Excellent moisture and atmosphere barriers.
  • Available in a variety of thickness and sizes.
  • Custom Printing.

The most common applications are for shrink-wrapping foods such as crackers, candies, chips, vitamin packs, electrical equipment and items, printing and laminating films.

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