Shrink Bundling Film

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Case Wrap Film, Shrink Wrap Film, Polyethylene Shrink Wrap

Shrink Bundling Film combines production efficiency with maximum shelf impact with custom printing. The Polyethylene Shrink Wrap Film is designed to contain and protect your product while still allowing consumers to visualize what's inside the package. Printed Shrink Bundling film is another great opportunity to advertise your product on the shelf.

  • Made from Polyethylene.
  • Clear or Custom Flexo printing available.
  • High clarity and gloss properties with exceptional seal integrity.
  • FDA and USDA approved; can be used to protect fruit and vegetables in transit.
  • Widely used on automated packaging equipment to achieve a tight "bulls eye" closure.
  • Available in a vast selection of various thicknesses, gauges and widths.

Source One Packaging’s Shrink Bundling Film will provide a convenient way to transport and bundling heavy items such as cases of waters, sodas, cans and unitizing other items. Most often Shrink Bundling Film is found on items packaged at wholesale, club, grocery and retail outlets.

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