Stand Up Pouches

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Stand Up Pouches

Stand Up Pouches have changed the face of consumer packaging for a wide range of consumer markets for products such as frozen food, snacks and dried food, pet food, beverages, coffee, tea, specialty foods and spices, nutrition and supplements, pharmaceutical and medical, health and beauty, pet food and treats, household products, and more!

Source One Packaging, LLC Stand Up Pouches give retailers new opportunities to display their products "all in one" while maximizing shelf space and reducing costs.

  • Materials:
    • LDPE (various blends such as EVA, EVOH, Linear, etc.)
    • HDPE
    • PP (Cast, OPP, BOPP)
    • PET (Clear or Metallized)
    • Nylon
  • 54" Web Flexo Press
  • Up to 8 Color Custom Printing
  • Metallized Films
  • Foil Laminations
  • Custom Blended Barrier Films
  • Releasable Zippers
  • Hanger Holes
  • Tear Notches
  • Leak proof
  • Puncture Resistant

With a huge combination of films and additives available our Stand Up Pouches are assembled to not only be appealing but functional. Source One Packaging, LLC has the ability to supply you Stand Up Pouches with a wide range of features tailored to meet your individual needs. We have a Polyethylene specialist to help determine the right Stand Up for your application and packaging requirements.

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